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Why pay for monthly tool subscriptions
when you can just hire one agency that does it all—and uses all those tools anyway?

What's Included
in our monthly plans?

Aside from premium agency-quality work, our monthly plans include a HUGE inclusion of software and premium plugins.
That’s worth over $250/month USD in SEO, design and optimisation tools!
Spend less, grow more. Just let the #digitalmarketingnerds do the work. 

We nerd out on these top Digital Marketing tools

As #digitalmarketingnerds, we use awesome digital marketing tools to deliver top-quality work.
Sign up for one of our monthly plans, and you’ll see how we nerd out with these tools. 


SEMRush is an all-in-one SEO tool that provides millions of data on keywords, competitors, backlinks, and more. We use it to create SEO strategies, identify market trends, and audit on-page SEO to boost your website's search ranking.


per month


ClickUp is a robust project management tool help us brainstorm, collaborate with team members, and boost our productivity. We also invite our clients to provide transparency on the strategies that we're currently doing for their brands.


per user

Exclusive Addons

Exclusive Addons for Elementor is packed with exclusively designed widgets for Elementor. We use this to have all the customisation options we need to build websites that impress.


per year


Ahrefs is a robust all-in-one SEO toolset—and we reap its power to your advantage. Let our #digitalmarketingnerds make sense of all the data we can get for your brand using Ahrefs.


per month

Vista Create

You need visually stunning images to catch the attention of social media users. That’s why we invest in VistaCreate to ensure every image we put out for your brand leaps off the page.


per month


Publer allows you to automate social media posting. Enjoy the benefits of this intuitive tool when you leave all your social media marketing needs to Canty Digital’s creative team.


per month


As #digitalmarketingnerds, we do everything to make search algorithms work for your brand. Our team only uses the best tools—including the superior SurferSEO—to make that happen.


per month


Need another reason to hire us? We’ll let your brand experience the world’s most advanced SEO rank tracking and reporting solution. It’s called ProRankTracker.


per month


Customer reviews are essential. But of course, it isn’t easy to collect all reviews at once. We’ve invested in professional review management software—so you don’t have to.


per year

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay extra for these tools?

No. The use of these tools for your brand’s digital marketing projects are already included in our monthly plans. Simply sign up for one of our pricing plans.

Can you tell me more about these tools?

Sure. Book a call with our CEO, Matt Canty. He’ll tell you all about these tools—and what else you can get when you collaborate with Canty Digital to work on your campaigns.

Where do I sign up for your monthly plan?

Go here. See which monthly plan suits your brand best: Local, Startup or Enterprise.

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