Professional SEO Services for Your Business

Custom SEO Marketing Solutions

Because Your Business Deserves More Than Just SEO.

Canty Digital, is not only an SEO company but also a team composed of driven and passionate individuals who strive to deliver the best results for your business.

We offer complete and customised digital marketing solutions that connect with Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and conversions. We have holistic solutions, we don’t JUST do SEO marketing… we help in all forms of marketing. Want to get a full stack digital marketing strategy for your business? Book a free call. Let’s chat.

Technical Search Engine Optimisation Service

Because Google & Other Search Engines Have to Notice Your Website

We will optimise your website and other servers to help the search engine spiders, especially Google, to “crawl” and index your web pages more effectively.

Technical Search Engine Optimisation basically improves your organic rankings which means that you won’t really have to spend thousands of dollars on paid advertisements just so your target customers or clients can see you on top of search engine ranking pages.

Canty Digital specialises in technical SEO. So, we will ensure that the search engines will prefer to show your website to your ideal customers or clients… than your competitor’s website.

We do this by optimizing secure connections, responsive website designs, fast load time, mobile optimisation and many more.

Do you think your website needs some technical makeover? How about more leads and conversions? If you do, book a free call. Let’s chat.

On-Page SEO Service

Because SEO Success Comes from Every Web Page

We will optimise each web page in your website to boost the search engine rankings.

On-page Search Engine Optimisation basically refers to measures that have to be taken on the web page inorder to improve its position in the search rankings.

We do this by optimising certain factors such as meta title and meta description, image alternative text (alt text/tag), image resolution, page load speed, content and HTML source code.

Have you looked at one of your web page’s impressions? How many people have seen it ranking on top of the search engines? How many clicks has it been getting?

Do you need to drive more people to one page or more in your website, for them to know how awesome your products & services are? If the answer is yes, book a free call. Let’s chat

Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation Service

Because Your Business SEO Is Not Limited Inside Your Website

We will be building links to your website to ensure that you’re getting the right and reliable link “juice” that will help you rank on top of the search engine pages.

Otherwise, we will disavow links that are entirely irrelevant to your website so they don’t drag your web pages down on the second or third pages of Google and other search engines.

Basically, we will create valuable links pointing to your web pages so the search engines will know that you’ve got great content – web “crawlers” will lead the right people to your website and eventually buy your products or services.

These are only some of the activities that need to be done outside of your website to boost your SEO rankings. Wanna know more? Let’s chat.

Local SEO Services

Because Your Business Should Be #1 on Top of Local Searches

Most of your ideal customers might be just near around you. So, it is best that they see you first and contact you first when they go online to search for products or services that you can offer them – before they see your competitor’s offers.

Local Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most effective SEO marketing techniques that you need to use to promote your business to local customers and prospects online.

We will help you become the number one go-to local business or place especially if it is a hotel or a restaurant.

We do this by building social profile pages for your business, local content, citations and links – everything that is relevant and super useful to the user to find you online.

Want your brand or business to dominate the local searches? Let’s chat!

Content Writing for Blogs

Because in Search Engine Optimisation, Content is King

Updating your blog with at least two blog posts per month is great for SEO. Long form and high-quality content gets indexed way better than shorter and keyword-stuffed ones.

We have a proven and effective system for researching keywords, curating content ideas, crafting blog posts or articles… and most importantly, passionate and versatile content writers who have respectable knowledge on SEO and how the algorithms play.

Do you often come short of content ideas? Want fresh and reliable blog posts or articles per month? Let’s chat.

Weekly & Monthly SEO Reports

Because Monitoring Performance Is An Important SEO Success Factor

We will provide you weekly and monthly reports to keep you updated with how all our tasks and efforts have contributed in improving your website rankings.

We will show you where you are in search engine pages and where you need to be – we will give you the ability to make SEO marketing decisions based on the data we will gather from your industry or niche.

Our real-time reports contain data that are simple to understand and easy to act upon.

Do you want to stay-in-the-know in terms of search engine optimisation? Let’s chat.

Over-all Website Functionality to Boost SEO

Because Search Engine Optimisation is Mainly About User Experience

Your website functionality such as speed, design, contact forms, integrations, navigations… and many more, determine how good or bad a user experience can be when users visit your website.

User experience is a great ranking factor in search engines, especially in Google – this is often measured by bounce rate, dwell time, and click-through-rate.

What do you think is the user experience on your website? Is it good or bad?

Either way, we can help you give your visitors a pleasant experience when using your website.

Google Ads Campaign Set Up

Because Paid Advertising is Also Part of a Great SEO Marketing

Canty Digital also specialises in Google Ads campaign – we will set up and manage your paid advertising through Google Ads, as well as keyword research for your website.

We can also manage your Google Merchant Account to get your products and/or services better seen on the top sections of Google dedicated for advertisements.

Your competitors may also be doing Google Ads. So, we will set up your campaign better than your competitors by determining the right keywords to target and by crafting an even better ad.

Wanna know how we do it? Let’s chat.