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Complete White Label SEO Services, Minus the Overhead Costs

Why do your SEO in-house when you can get #DigitalMarketingNerds

Let’s face it. Having an in-house white label SEO team can be exhausting and expensive. 

Not to mention the amount of time and energy you would have to spend training your in-house team with loads of SEO reseller services – you and I know how extensive SEO can be! 

So, why bother baby-sitting an in-house team when you can work with the best local SEO reseller in Australia? 

Canty Digital specialises in internet marketing and search engine optimisation services. We have experts in every crucial SEO service that your clients need—content, link building, web development, Google ads, you name it. With every SEO strategy, we’ve got you covered. 

Make More Money + Free More of Your Time.

We do the nitty-gritty heavy-lifting for you.

See, search engine optimisation is such a complex and complicated process, but it is necessary in this cut-throat and digitally competitive business world. 

Implementing every SEO strategy is also time-consuming. The process can be a long stretch, and doing it yourself can suck the life out of you. More so if you manage an in-house SEO team! Trust us, we know. 

But search engines and algorithms are our passion—we thrive in the challenge. As a competitive SEO reseller agency, we live for the rankings. We grow by driving more traffic. We flourish with higher conversions.

So, if SEO service is not your cup of tea—or cup of coffee—or whatever cup it could be, let us help you free more of your time AND make you more money. Hire our SEO reselling services today and be ready for an influx of amazing client feedback soon! 

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The Canty Digital Experience…

Full-stack SEO reseller services + digital marketing!

We believe that search engine optimisation and online marketing are two powerful methods every business should tackle to succeed in their industry. 

And as SEO experts and digital marketers, we want to provide a holistic approach to your business – and, of course your clients. Count on our complete white label SEO services to elevate your brand and help you win more clients. 

So, if you feel swamped with digital marketing efforts, let us take that off your back! With #SEOnerds powering your ops, you can focus on what you do best – acquiring more clients, overseeing everything, and increasing your bottom line!  

Why Choose Canty Digital as Your SEO Reseller?

We Focus on Your Clients; You Focus on Getting More Clients!

We custom-tailor SEO strategies to your clients’ budget and needs.

We’ve been in SEO reselling services for years now. So we understand that every business has a unique financial capacity, needs, and demands, especially when it comes to marketing and SEO. 

So, the best approach to provide the most efficient white label SEO services is to custom-tailor the strategies to your client’s budget and needs. 

We do this by auditing your client’s website first using tools like Google Analytics and then laying out the SEO service or solutions according to what they are willing to pay monthly or annually.

SEO is such an extensive process, so you can let your clients choose whether they want to pick the low-hanging fruits first… or “eat the biggest frog” in the entire process right away. 

Either way, we are always ready to start – no matter what, we have a well-thought SEO reseller programs in hand. 

We have over a decade of SEO and digital marketing experience.

Who leads our team of #SEOnerds? It’s our CEO, Matt Canty. He is a full-stack digital strategist with a proven track record. He has worked with various companies from different industries—some are direct clients while others took advantage of our white label SEO reseller services. 

And how about the rest of our white label SEO agency? Canty Digital is composed of SEO specialists, Google AdWords experts, experienced web developers, creative graphic designers, function-driven web designers, social media management & marketing rockstars, conversion-driven SEO content writers, and uber-meticulous project managers. All are up-to-date with the latest SEO trends—they’re all ready to leverage their skills for your client’s SEO success. 

Still doubting us? Feel free to check out our SEO reseller reviews below! See how we have helped tons of marketing & SEO agencies over the years. Also, don’t hesitate to ask us more about our white label SEO services, SEO reseller plans, strategic approach and essential KPIs.

We are laser-focused on driving desirable results for your clients

As SEO resellers, we are keen on ranking your clients’ sites to the first page of the search engine results pages, especially on Google, (so you continue to be the business hero they’ve been looking for all their life!). Most importantly, we aim to drive quality traffic to their websites and increase their site conversion. Pff! That’s why we exist, right?

So, book a call today. Feel free to gauge our SEO work & expertise and let’s talk about what our white label services can do for you. 

What You Get From Our While Label SEO Reseller Services

We have multiple private label SEO reseller plans that you can offer your clientele. Our SEO agency provides all kinds of packages to clients doing business in various industries – including local SEO services, affordable link building services, reputation management, writing blog posts, content marketing, social media management and many more.

Below are some of the most notable services you can get from all of our white label SEO reseller plans. 

Comprehensive white label website audit & reporting

Rolling our sleeves up, we begin our white label SEO services by getting under the hood. We will evaluate your client’s website and identify areas to improve. Based on the results, we’ll present the best SEO solutions to increase their search engine rankings, website traffic and conversion. Then, we’ll take care of the reporting documents and ensure that they are well-prepared, concise, and easy to understand.

Data-driven keyword research & strategic keyword mapping

As you may already know, keywords are the foundation of every SEO effort - this is why keyword research & mapping is super crucial. Our SEO specialists are ready to scour the internet for keywords that will boost your client's SEO rankings. Our white label SEO services use the latest and most advanced tools, so you don't have to spend on paid SEO tools.
As always, we've got you covered. Let us jumpstart your SEO campaign today.

Competitive optimisation efforts

SEO, in itself, is super competitive. So, our SEO experts like to reverse engineer the system and observe the best practices of your client’s competitors.
We leverage the top competitors’ sites to target competitive keywords and mine for quality links and even leads! With aggressive white label SEO services, we help your client's site outrank its competitors. Talk to our SEO agency to learn more.

Top-notch content creation

Call it cliché, but content is king in SEO campaigns. So, our SEO experts create pieces of content that are not just keyword-driven but are also user intent-driven.
Satisfying the user’s intent, especially the underlying needs of every searcher, can be the most powerful strategy in every content that you publish online. Let us help your clients post winning content consistently!

Winning link acquisition strategy

Acquiring high-quality backlinks can be elusive. So, you should know where to look and who to tap when building your client’s link profile. Fortunately, that’s part of our private label SEO services. Our plethora of reliable and authoritative link building partners can help your clients speed past their competitors in the organic search results! Let us boost the capabilities of your SEO agency today.

A steady stream of leads for your clients

As top-notch SEO resellers, we offer professional SEO services that can drive a steady stream of quality leads to your clients. So if you’re looking for a reliable white label SEO agency to drive your ops and keep your clients happy, you’ve got one of the best here. Book a call today and let’s talk about every SEO service we can offer to you!

Canty Digital Australia

We Strive to Deliver Beyond Typical SEO Reseller Plans

We’re not like any other white label SEO provider. As one of the leading Australian SEO reselling companies that make it possible for more marketing agencies to offer SEO services, we strive to deliver beyond typical SEO reseller plans.  

We stand ahead of any other white label SEO service company because we offer custom SEO strategies and services. By outsourcing SEO services from us, you can have a scalable methodology combined with SEO fulfillment services and tools that can increase your client’s bottom line as well as yours.

Check out our other online marketing services! 

What's Included in Our Reseller Monthly Plans?

Aside from premium agency-quality work, our SEO reseller monthly plans come with a HUGE inclusion of software and premium plugins. That’s worth over $250/month USD in SEO, design and optimisation tools! Save time, spend less & grow more. Just let the #digitalmarketingnerds do the work.


SEO Reseller Results & Reviews - What Our Previous Partners Have to Say

Results That Will Drive Your Client's Business Growth

Engaging Social Media Marketing

Your SEO clients will most probably want to improve their social media presence as much as they want to increase their search visibility. If social media management and marketing are not your specialties, we can take those off your back, too.
From content planning to approval and publishing, our white label services or SEO reseller plans have got you covered!

Intuitive Website Design & Development

Every SEO campaign starts at the website. So, undeniably, an attractive, functional, and intuitive website is crucial to boosting your client’s digital presence.
If you do not have an expert that can tackle the ins and outs of web design and development, we got a few specialists for you! Give us a call, and let’s go through a few samples! Give us a call, and let’s go through a few samples!

Competitive Pay Per Click (PPC)

Paid ads are one of the most in-demand services in digital advertising & marketing. Our SEO agency uses competitive PPC strategies that work well with tried-and-tested SEO services to boost your client's online visibility. So, if your clients trust you to take care of their PPC but it isn’t your cup of tea, you know who to call!

Efficient Maps Optimisation

Are your clients looking to increase their foot traffic, too? Our SEO professionals can leverage Google maps so that their businesses are easier to find, especially when they appear on top of the local search! Give us a call to know more about our white label SEO services and the inclusions of our SEO reseller programs.

SEO Reseller with Guaranteed Full and Responsive Customer Support

We commit to supporting you and your clients all the way through—you can count on our responsive expert support. Our hands-on white label SEO service team will collaborate with you from start to finish on every strategic SEO effort and campaign so that your clients will keep coming back for more!

The CantyDigital Promise

We promise to be your silent white label SEO partner—always backing you up without any trace. Our white label SEO company values integrity and reliable partnership; you can rest assured that your clientele won’t know about us partnering with your agency. 

We commit to delivering the most desirable results from the projects you entrust us with and complete them with full discretion. We can sign an NDA agreement and give you FULL credits for every work or value we bring to the table. 

Monthly Commissions

Automate Your CLIENTS Digital Marketing


$90/Month Commission

$990 AUD

$ 900 AUD

  • 10 x Keywords
  • Basic Onpage SEO
  • 1 x Onpage Review
  • 3 x Authority Links
  • Local SEO
  • 1 Google Review
  • 1 x Article
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Monthly Report
  • Basic Website Maintenance
  • Page Speed Optimisation
  • Monthly Wikipedia Link
  • Monthly Support Call
  • Free Setup
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$299 Setup Fee

Local plans have a $299 setup fee | ALL Plans have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee


$390/Month Commission

AUD $1,990

$ 1,600 AUD

  • 40 x Keywords
  • Project Management
  • Full Support
  • Monthly Report
  • 2 x Onpage Reviews
  • 2 x Articles
  • 5 x Authority Links
  • Local SEO
  • Full Tech Audit
  • Monthly Support Call
  • Analytics Review
  • 2 x Google Reviews
  • Website Maintenance
  • Page Speed Optimisation
  • Monthly Wikipedia Link
  • Free Setup
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$450/Month Commission

$ 2,990 AUD

2,540 AUD

  • 100 x Keywords
  • Project Management
  • Full Support
  • Monthly Report
  • 5 x Onpage Reviews
  • 4 x Articles
  • 10 x Authority Links
  • Local SEO
  • Full Tech Audit
  • 3 x Google Reviews
  • Analytics review
  • Monthly Support Call
  • Full Website Maintenance
  • Page Speed Optimisation
  • 2 x Monthly Wikipedia Links
  • Free Setup
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