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For a one-off fee, we’ll publish your press release on four to five platforms, including:

Got news, updates or stories to tell? Raise your brand profile and get good publicity by distributing your press releases on as many platforms and websites as possible.

Canty Digital offers effortless and easy-on-the-pocket press release distribution in Australia. You can save time and money as you don’t need to go through a lot of hoops just to get the word out. Submit your press release to us, and we’ll do the rest.

With this service, you no longer have to pay for every press release. Enjoy huge savings with us!

Our PR Distribution Network

Australian News Daily
Digital Alliance
Open PR


PR publishing perfect for digital marketing agencies

Running a digital marketing agency isn’t a walk in the park. Every phase of each client’s digital marketing campaign must run smoothly. So, let us take one thing off your plate. Our team is here to handle your agency’s press release publishing.

For an affordable one-off fee, we’ll publish your client’s press release on multiple platforms. Got several clients with different niches and press releases? We’re happy to distribute all those PRs on your behalf. Book a call to know more about our pricing.

If you need help creating press releases for your clients, our team can help, too. Press releases are part of our premium content creation and backlink services.


Why do you need to distribute press releases?


In today’s tech-savvy world, every business needs press coverage and a strong digital presence. But unfortunately, press coverage doesn’t just come naturally. You have to work for it—this is where the power of press release distribution comes in.

Publishing a press release on multiple platforms helps your brand or client’s brand gets into the public forum. It boosts build brand awareness as journalists and consumers learn more about your products or services and overall brand story.


When done right, press release distribution can also:

Boost your SEO efforts

In a press release, you can include a link to your website. That way, you can drive readers to pages with more information. So every time you publish a press release, you don’t only get the word out—you also get a link out. That’s not to mention that PR websites are high-authority. Every PR you distribute is an opportunity to get a top-quality backlink.

Drive local foot traffic to your shop

Do you run a brick-and-mortar shop? A press release posted on a reliable website can drive people to your door. Make sure to maximise this advantage by having us publish your PR days or weeks before you hold a special event or launch irresistible sale promotions.

Generate more sales

Besides boosting brand awareness and SEO efforts, you can enjoy higher revenues with a targeted press release. It drums up interests around a sale or brand update and positions your products/services in front of the right customers—at the right moment.
Samantha Henderson
Samantha Henderson
Great SEO company that got us great results for our website. Doubled our traffic over a 6 month period. Great strategies, communication and very well priced for the level of quality offered. the team handled everything from technical SEO to social posting to content. Happy to be a long term customer @CantyDigital
Joshua Paul
Joshua Paul
Matt is fantastic. Great reports and attention to detail. Saw marked improvement in traffic and return on advertising spend.
Varnia M T
Varnia M T
We hired Matt and his team for 2 years building organic growth and seo. The companies organic growth grew year on year. He was really responsive, and the set up was seemless. He was quick to implement tasks and kept things moving. He was supportive when we needed help and really good at listening to directives. Great value, great company. Would definitely recommend and use again. Thanks Matt and the Canty team
Estelle Fletcher
Estelle Fletcher
Matt and his team are an absolute pleasure to work with! I've worked with Canty Digital on projects for a number of our mutual clients and the SEO results they achieve are second to none (literally! They consistently get websites ranking on the top of the Google leaderboard).
N Corp
N Corp
Its been a great working with Matt, Great results and very professional to work with. I defiantly recommend him.
Nicholas Abboud
Nicholas Abboud
It's not often you find a professional that's extremely reliable and talented in what they do. Matt has helped our business not just grow but maintain it's success over the years. We will continue to use Matt and his team for the foreseeable future and highly recommend to anyone who is serious about getting results.
Yannick Ieko
Yannick Ieko
Matt is very competent, great reporting, great results and overall enjoyable to work with.

Contact us to learn more about our PR distribution service for brands and agencies.

Expertise in Australian Media Distribution

Australia's media environment is varied and vibrant. Canty Digital specialises in ensuring your news reaches the most appropriate audience. Our network spans TV and radio stations, newspapers, and online publications, ensuring widespread coverage.

Client-Centric Press Release Approach

Our track record is reflected in our clients' successes. We've assisted a range of Australian businesses, from startups to established corporations, in gaining media attention. Our process is efficient and collaborative, tailored to align with your business objectives.

Focused Distribution for Greater Impact

Our approach to press release distribution is centred on targeted strategies. We prioritise quality, aligning your press release with the most suitable media outlets and journalists. This targeted method ensures your news reaches the audiences required

Empowering Your Brand with Resources

We provide resources and expert guidance to ensure your press releases are impactful. Our comprehensive guide on creating effective press releases and ongoing support ensures your message is both powerful and engaging.

Integration with Digital Marketing

Our service extends to integrating your press releases with digital marketing strategies. This includes enhancing online visibility and improving SEO, ensuring your press release is effective both in traditional media and online.

Why Choose Canty Digital?

Choose Canty Digital for unparalleled press release distribution in Australia. Our service offers a broad media network for extensive coverage, customised strategies tailored to your brand's unique message, and integration with digital marketing to boost your online presence.


How do you write a press release in Australia?

Writing a press release in Australia involves identifying a newsworthy angle and crafting a clear, concise narrative. Canty Digital recommends a good mix of these elements: a key, news-worthy message, an engaging headline and a well-written narrative relevant to Australian audiences. Think of it like brewing a fine coffee—it's all about the right blend.

What qualifies for a press release?

If it's exciting, important or game-changing, it's press release material. Launching a new product? Hitting a company milestone? Hosting a mega event? That's the stuff we love to shout about. Our press release distribution services are designed to get the word out and turn your big news into big buzz to reach the right audience at the right time.

What are the golden rules of press release?

The golden rules of writing a press release include keeping it concise, focusing on the news value, writing in the third person, and including quotes for authenticity. We're talking catchy headlines, a story that hooks your reader in and quotes that add spice. With Canty Digital, it's not merely PR distribution; it's about making your news the talk of the town.

What is the first line of a press release?

First impressions count, right? The opening line of your news release, often called the "lead," should be like the opening act of a rock concert—unforgettable. Plus, it must answer who, what, when, where and why to grab attention and hold it tight. If you let us craft your PRs apart from distributing them, you can rely on us to write impactful first lines every time. It's the Canty Digital way—making every word count.

What is the best structure for a press release?

A killer headline and a gripping intro followed by the crucial details—that's our recipe for a press release that rocks. The best structure is logical and easy to follow, something that Canty Digital's press release service excels in crafting.

What is the last paragraph of a press release?

The last paragraph of a press release typically includes a brief "about" section on the company or individual issuing the release. As one of the best press release distribution companies, we usually pack this section with a punchy company bio, sealing the deal on why your news matters.

How do you write a headline for a PR?

A headline should be attention-grabbing, clear and concise, encapsulating the main message of the press release. It should entice the reader to want to know more. In other words, the headline is the neon sign of your news or story—bright, bold, and impossible to ignore. Canty Digital's expertise in press release distribution in Australia includes crafting headlines that stand out and capture the essence of your news.

Where do I send press releases in Australia?

Wondering where to send press releases in Australia? Canty Digital is your one-stop shop. We've got strong distribution network connections to get the word out on multiple platforms, and we do it without breaking the bank. Think of us as your news release concierge, handling everything with a flair for affordability and effectiveness.

What is the best way to distribute PR?

Why juggle multiple media contacts when Canty Digital can be your one-stop shop? We take your press release (or your client's multiple PRs if you're running a digital marketing firm) and distribute it far and wide. Our press release service is hassle-free and efficient. It's how we roll—making PR distribution as easy as ordering your favourite coffee.

When is the best time to publish a PR?

The best time to distribute a press release? We've got the insider knowledge to hit that sweet spot, ensuring your news makes the biggest splash. With Canty Digital's press release distribution in Australia, it's all about making your story reach your media contacts and other target audiences at the perfect moment.

How can PR distribution help SEO?

Press releases are like SEO rocket fuel. With Canty Digital's PR distribution prowess, your press release can boost your online visibility, drive traffic, and enhance your backlink profile. It's a double win—your news gets its much-needed media coverage, and your SEO rankings get a nudge. That's what we call smart marketing.

How many words should a press release be?

Around 300 to 500 words is the sweet spot. It's long enough to tell your story but short enough to keep it snappy. At Canty Digital, we craft press releases that are just the right length—packed with punch, minus the fluff.