Local SEO Services That Deliver Real Results

Reach real prospects in real-time for real results—that’s the power of local SEO. 

Often, customers with a genuine interest in your business are just near you. And you’re missing out on these customers if you don’t have a local SEO presence. But don’t fret; it’s not yet too late! We’re here to help you take the top spot in the local map pack on Google and other search engines to show everyone you’re a real business ready to serve anyone who calls for an enquiry or walks into your shop.

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Full Service Local Digital Marketing

$ 990 / mo

  • Web design
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO optimised content
  • Development
  • Outreach and link acquisition
  • Social media marketing
  • Local Competitor reviews
  • Local SEO
  • Graphic design
  • Digital branding
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Premium Hosting
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Dominate Local Searches

When it comes to SEO, the term “local” isn’t anything small or low-key. It’s the opposite! If done perfectly, local SEO strategies can take your business to the next level.

At Canty Digital, we craft local SEO strategies while keeping the big picture in mind. We align these efforts with your overall SEO & digital marketing plans to get your brand on top of search results. But we laser-focus on helping you dominate local searches. 

As #digitalmarketingnerds, we don’t shy away from combining proven-and-tested methods with innovative approaches to get your business in front of real customers in real time. From optimising your Google Business listings and keeping your NAP consistent across the web to attracting customer reviews, our local SEO services are sharp, laser-focused and results-driven. Let us handle all this nerd work for you. Local search services that deliver real results!

How We Turn “Local” into Something Big

Want a sneak peek of how we turn “local” into something big? Want to elevate your local SEO campaign? Our local SEO services include the following strategies (and some that we keep under wraps!) Here’s what our local SEO experts can do for your business:

Google Business Profile Optimisation

When you search for an Italian restaurant or clothing shop on Google, the results page will typically display the top three options, complete with their address, operating hours and average reviews. That’s Google’s 3-Pack. And one of those highly coveted spots can be yours once we optimise your Google Business Profile listing. And if you haven’t created one, we’re happy to build one from scratch. local search services focus heavily on ongoing optimisation of your Google Business profile

Landing Pages for Locally-Based Searches

Do you cater to multiple locations or have brick-and-mortar shops in different areas? That’s great! Let’s make your expansion even more successful by making your brand rank high on results for those specific local search results. Our SEO experts & content writers have the skills required to craft location pages that highly convert. Whether your business has three or 20 different locations, we’ve got you covered.

NAP Consistency

Have you already submitted your brand to multiple directories? Are the brand name, address and phone number (NAP) consistent across these directories and profiles? If you’re unsure how to answer that, don’t worry. With out local search services we’re here to scour the virtual world and ensure your NAP is consistent throughout. Inconsistent business info can hurt search rankings and impact your reputation. Our local search services helps identify opportunities and reviews competitors to ensure we have all the business listing required for success.

Mobile Optimisation

Local SEO searches happen mostly when the customer is on-the-go, frantically typing on their smartphones to search for the nearest hotel or bakeshop. Google would often recommend fast-loading websites that can offer immediate & clear answers to the user’s query. Is your website the opposite? Stop missing out on those searches—let us speed up your website and make its web design & functionality mobile-friendly.

We Offer White-Label Local SEO, Too

Do you run a small digital marketing firm, or are you a freelance marketer with a growing clientele? Offer full-suite services by outsourcing local SEO to us. Let’s work together to help your clients dominate local rankings & beat their competition online, all with a cutting edge local custom SEO strategy.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between SEO and local SEO?

Traditional SEO focuses on boosting your website’s search engine visibility like on Google for relevant searches. Think of local SEO as a laser-focused version of that. Local SEO empowers your website to show up on results for “local” searches or terms often used by the people near you. For instance, if a user living or working in Wollongong looks for an auto shop nearby, your family-run auto shop in Wollongong will show up on their Google results if you have local SEO strategies in place.

Is it worth paying for local SEO optimisation?

Having a custom Local SEO strategy is only worthwhile if work with a digital marketing partner that knows how to get results. As a trusted local SEO agency in Australia, we have the tools & skills to help your brand stand out in local searches.

What local SEO includes?

Common tasks included in a local SEO service are finding local keywords, optimising Google Business Profiles or Listings, building consistent NAP citations and mobile optimisation. Our local SEO marketing company will help you with all of that.

What is white-label local SEO?

With white-label local SEO, you can offer a high-value SEO service to your clients using your branding while being powered by a partner. You can help more local businesses get found online without doing all the grunt work in local SEO campaigns.


Samantha Henderson
Samantha Henderson
Great SEO company that got us great results for our website. Doubled our traffic over a 6 month period. Great strategies, communication and very well priced for the level of quality offered. the team handled everything from technical SEO to social posting to content. Happy to be a long term customer @CantyDigital
Joshua Paul
Joshua Paul
Matt is fantastic. Great reports and attention to detail. Saw marked improvement in traffic and return on advertising spend.
Varnia M T
Varnia M T
We hired Matt and his team for 2 years building organic growth and seo. The companies organic growth grew year on year. He was really responsive, and the set up was seemless. He was quick to implement tasks and kept things moving. He was supportive when we needed help and really good at listening to directives. Great value, great company. Would definitely recommend and use again. Thanks Matt and the Canty team
Estelle Fletcher
Estelle Fletcher
Matt and his team are an absolute pleasure to work with! I've worked with Canty Digital on projects for a number of our mutual clients and the SEO results they achieve are second to none (literally! They consistently get websites ranking on the top of the Google leaderboard).
N Corp
N Corp
Its been a great working with Matt, Great results and very professional to work with. I defiantly recommend him.
Nicholas Abboud
Nicholas Abboud
It's not often you find a professional that's extremely reliable and talented in what they do. Matt has helped our business not just grow but maintain it's success over the years. We will continue to use Matt and his team for the foreseeable future and highly recommend to anyone who is serious about getting results.
Yannick Ieko
Yannick Ieko
Matt is very competent, great reporting, great results and overall enjoyable to work with.