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All we ask is a review on Google and Facebook once our work for you is done. That's it!​

What will you get?

These are all the services you will get for free.

Optimised Description

An optimised and detailed information about your business to highlight who you are and showcase the type of services you offer.

Custom Images

Showcase your preferred photos of your products, your store, or your team. We'll also create a custom image that matches your brand.

Info Links

Relevant links will be added on your profile to give additional and useful information for your audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to optimise my business on Google Maps

Optimising your Google Maps profile will bring you more search visibility. Your business will be shown more often in local search results which will lead to more customers and sales.

Why is it free?

We want to help you expand your business' reach on Google Maps. At the same time, you can help us increase ours by reviewing our business on Google and Facebook after our work for you is complete.

Can you tell me more about Google My Business/Maps Optimisation

Sure. Book a call with our CEO, Matt Canty. He’ll tell you all about Google Maps optimisation—and what else you can get when you collaborate with Canty Digital to work on your business.

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