Digital Marketing for Dentists

Looking to give your dental practice a smile-worthy boost? Look no further! Our digital marketing for dentists will help grow your patient base and keep them coming back for more. From SEO to social media, we’ve got you covered!


The tooth of the matter: digital marketing for dentists will help you thrive. 

Ah, the joys of running a dental clinic. The drills, the scrubs, the constant barrage of patients asking if they can keep their wisdom teeth (hint: no). Who has time to worry about attracting new patients on top of all that? Luckily, we’re here to step in.

Our team of #digitalmarketingnerds is here to help. With our tailored dental marketing solutions in Australia, we’ll help you conquer the marketing challenges that come with running a dental firm and grow your business to new heights. 

So sit back, relax and let us handle the heavy lifting in marketing. With us by your side, you can focus on what you do best—providing ahh-mazing dental care.

Let our dental marketing solutions give your practice a boost.

At Canty Digital, we know that no two smiles are alike—the same goes for dental practices. That’s why we offer custom-tailored digital marketing services to fit the unique needs of a dentist like you:

Website design

Web Design and Development

Your website should be more than just a pretty face. It should be a conversion machine. Let us handle the design and development while you focus on delivering top-notch dental care.


WordPress Security

Looking to keep your WordPress site as healthy as your patients’ teeth? Leave it to our digital marketing experts. We’ll provide top-notch security by setting up the right plugins, services, and hosting at a fraction of the cost.


SEO for Dentists

As a dentist, you’ve probably heard the saying, “No pain, no gain.” But when it comes to digital marketing, you don’t have to suffer to see your desired results. Our SEO services for dentists will ensure your website is optimised to rank high on Google, helping potential patients to find you quickly online.

local seo

Local SEO

Want to show up as the top dentist in your town? Our team of local SEO experts will help you develop a custom strategy to dominate local search results and attract more nearby patients to your practice.


PPC Advertising

With so many dental practices out there, it can be hard to stand out. That’s where our pay-per-click advertising comes in. From ad copy to landing page design, we’ll help you create PPC campaigns that convert.

content marketing

Content Marketing for Dentists

Content is king—even in dental marketing. So from dental news to pro tips and everything in between, we’ll craft engaging and informative content that not only attracts but also converts your audience into loyal patients.


Outreach Automation

Want to show the world you’re the top dentist around? Count on our online marketing for dentists to get those valuable backlinks that will put you on the map. We’ll assist you in achieving high-quality links for your website and improving your brand’s online presence.


Social Media Marketing

Want to connect with your patients & potential patients on social media? Let us create content that doesn’t only grab their attention but also speaks directly to their needs and interests. From Facebook to Instagram, we’ll turn your social media presence into a valuable business asset.

press release

Press Release Distribution

Ready to make some noise in the dental industry? Our fast, easy & effective press release distribution service will get the word out about your practice to attract new patients and build your brand.

single page

Single Page Analysis

Your dental clinic’s website deserves some extra love and attention. Our team will analyse and optimise each landing or service page to ensure it’s doing what it’s supposed to do: attract & convert patients.


Outsourced CMO Services

Want to grow your dental practice without breaking the bank? Our outsourced CMO services provide a clear vision and ensure it’s realised for your business’s success. Get the benefits of an in-house marketing team without the overhead costs.

Customise Design Solutions

We handle: theme customization PSD to WordPress theme coding plugin development security issues and much more. We provide complete solutions for your WordPress development






Hire our tailored digital marketing strategies for dentists today.

Tired of generic digital marketing solutions that leave your dental practice feeling like a bland, toothless smile? Say goodbye to cookie-cutter strategies and hello to a customised dental marketing approach. That’s what you’ll get here at Canty Digital.

From SEO and PPC to social media & outreach automation, we’ve got the know-how to boost your online presence and get more patients through your doors. We’ll work with you to understand your brand values, services & target audience. Then, we’ll create a custom digital marketing strategy that fits your needs & budget.

Let us take care of your digital marketing needs. Book a call with our team today.

Case Studies

Samantha Henderson
Samantha Henderson
Great SEO company that got us great results for our website. Doubled our traffic over a 6 month period. Great strategies, communication and very well priced for the level of quality offered. the team handled everything from technical SEO to social posting to content. Happy to be a long term customer @CantyDigital
Joshua Paul
Joshua Paul
Matt is fantastic. Great reports and attention to detail. Saw marked improvement in traffic and return on advertising spend.
Varnia M T
Varnia M T
We hired Matt and his team for 2 years building organic growth and seo. The companies organic growth grew year on year. He was really responsive, and the set up was seemless. He was quick to implement tasks and kept things moving. He was supportive when we needed help and really good at listening to directives. Great value, great company. Would definitely recommend and use again. Thanks Matt and the Canty team
Estelle Fletcher
Estelle Fletcher
Matt and his team are an absolute pleasure to work with! I've worked with Canty Digital on projects for a number of our mutual clients and the SEO results they achieve are second to none (literally! They consistently get websites ranking on the top of the Google leaderboard).
N Corp
N Corp
Its been a great working with Matt, Great results and very professional to work with. I defiantly recommend him.
Nicholas Abboud
Nicholas Abboud
It's not often you find a professional that's extremely reliable and talented in what they do. Matt has helped our business not just grow but maintain it's success over the years. We will continue to use Matt and his team for the foreseeable future and highly recommend to anyone who is serious about getting results.
Yannick Ieko
Yannick Ieko
Matt is very competent, great reporting, great results and overall enjoyable to work with.

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