We recently purchased FatJoe’s blog writing & website copywriting services for our company-owned websites—and here’s a quick breakdown of our FatJoe review. 

But first, what is FatJoe?

FatJoe.com offers link-building & blogger outreach services, local business citations, content creation & other on-demand SEO services that can help brands and SEO agencies grow their business. The on-demand model essentially helps free up marketers’ and business owners’ hands so that they can focus on other crucial tasks.

Simply put, it’s pretty easy to get backlinks and blogs from FatJoe, but is it worthwhile? 

The good stuff.

We used FatJoe primarily as a content vendor, so we’ll focus on that in this review

Easy to navigate

The best part about FatJoe.com is the easy-to-navigate dashboard. Thanks to the spreadsheet view, you can place multiple orders easily. That mode is pretty straightforward; all you need to do is input the information you need to guide the writer, such as concept, target audience, writing style, language & keywords. We also appreciate that we have ample space to write our project brief. It’s crucial to use the project-brief column to get a decent article from FatJoe (more on this later!)

Wide variety of content 

FatJoe writers can produce a wide variety of content. These include blogs, website copies, product descriptions, guest posts and press releases. You also have the option to get the basic content services or get the pro option to get four- or five-star writers to work on your projects. 

Quick turnaround

When it comes to blog posts & website content, FatJoe has a quick turnaround. We got our ordered pieces in just four days. But if you need your content faster, you can pay additional fees for express delivery. Revisions are fast, too. You can request revisions up to ten days after your project is complete. You’ll get the revised pieces within 48 hours after asking for revisions, which you can easily do in the dashboard. 

The so-so part.

Now, let’s talk about the not-so-good part of buying content from FatJoe.

Variable content quality 

Some blogs and web copies we ordered from FatJoe came out decently. That’s especially true for orders where we extensively used the project brief to provide detailed writing instructions and online references. But most of the time, their pieces require heavy editing; some sentences are fluffy & irrelevant, and ideas are sometimes repetitive (as if the writer was merely aiming to hit the word count!). There were also instances when we received pieces with Copyscape hits. But all is well as we asked for a revision, so the Copyscape issues were resolved. 

Extensive editing required 

Since the quality of FatJoe pieces is variable, you can’t blind-publish them. Fortunately, we have editors who run through all the blogs & copies before they go live. That’s something you need to consider when ordering content from them. If you’ll likely need an editor to check & optimise the pieces, will it still be worthwhile? Maybe, you’re better off working with a white-label SEO firm with a solid content team


FatJoe review: the bottom line.

Buying content pieces from FatJoe comes with pros & cons. They provide an easy-to-use dashboard, a wide variety of content and a quick turnaround. They’re a suitable content provider, especially if you’re a business owner or SEO agency trying to free up the hands of your in-house team. But as mentioned, you need to provide quite a lot of direction in the project brief to get the pieces you need. And the quality of writing isn’t always consistent; you might still need an editor or a senior writer to work on the blog posts or articles before publishing them. 

We tried FatJoe’s basic blog writing & website copywriting services for a few of our company-owned websites—and we had an editor check the pieces before posting. The buying experience and the value for money were good enough. But for our client’s content requirements and other crucial content needs, we’d rather use the services of our in-house content team. That’s a better way to maintain certain content quality and prevent many back-and-forths in project briefings & revisions. 

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Go, give FatJoe a try. There’s still some value in hiring their services. But if you want a better alternative for quality & scaled content creation, you can talk to us. We’re a team of #digitalmarketingnerds ready to guide you through your SEO, content creation, blogger outreach, link-building and other digital marketing needs. 


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