What Is the New Google Update?

Google has announced a new algorithm update that concerns SEO enthusiasts. Google’s aim for this update is to promote content written by people and to keep SEO written content from applications and plugins on the back-burner.

How Do I Cater My Site’s Content for the New Algorithm?

Just staying away from SEO applications and plugins entirely may not get your sites content considered by the algorithm, rather you need to consider these 3 main tips below to ensure that your site has the best possible chance of success and ranking.

1. Write to Your Audience

Google’s new algorithm update wants you to write for YOUR audience and not for SEO and what is going to rank better for your site. Although this is key in some circumstances, often what can happen is when you focus your content entirely on this you can move away from your actual target audience within your niche. 

 It is about your content appearing more ‘human’ rather than automated this way your site does not target an audience completely out of your site scope. For example, a site based around fashion talking about ‘how to fix a faulty engine of a car’. Two completely different topics, with two completely different audiences. Although , ‘how to fix a faulty engine of a car’ may be a great long tail keyword to target and may have high search volume this is not inside your niche. 

 2. Know What You’re Talking About!

 Google wants to see content that adds value and people knowing the topic area which they are talking about well. To show Google that you are an expert in a particular area including photos and unique insights!

 3. Make Content Exciting and Authentic! 

It is crucial to maintain an exciting user experience, by incorporating photos and videos. Making content easy to read and professional at the same time.  Plus, keep to the facts and be clear about statements so a user gets the answer they are looking for without having to read through pages of content. 

Get Creating Content!

So what are you waiting for? Get editing and creating content to prepare for this new update which has already begun and is in progress as it began on August the 25th. With these above 3 tips you will be sure to target Google’s new content algorithm. If you need some assistance with this, contact our digital marketing team to create amazing content for your sites particular niche!

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