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Canty Digital perks

Complete a task, earn some points and unlock perks. As easy as that. Are you in?

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How it works

We’ve kept it simple. All you have to do is complete a task. Email a screenshot or any proof of task completion to Then, our team will send you a confirmation email about the points you’ve recently earned. Collect these points over time. And when you’re ready to redeem your points, enjoy perks like FREE SEO blogs, backlinks and more!

Complete a task and earn some points

Follow Canty Digital on Facebook - 10 Points

Don’t miss out on our SEO tips and news. Hit the Like button on our Facebook page today. And oh, you’ll earn 10 points for completing this task. 

Like us on Facebook

Follow Matt Canty on Twitter - 10 Points

Pick the brains of our CEO. He tweets SEO advice and other creative marketing ideas from time to time. Follow him on Twitter for all those reasons—and another 10 points.

Follow Matt on Twitter

Follow Canty Digital on LinkedIn - 10 Points

Keep up-to-date with our insights on the latest SEO news and trends. Start by following us on LinkedIn today. You can get 10 points after completing this task.

Follow us on LinkedIn

Write a Review on Facebook - 10 Points

Were you impressed with our SEO or social media work for your company? Share the good news with others. Write a review about your Canty Digital on Facebook—and earn 30 points.

Write a review on Facebook

Write a Review on Google - 10 Points

Tell us about your experience with Canty Digital. Write a quick review on Google today. We’ll be happy to send 30 points your way after completing this task. 

Write a review on Google

Like and share our Facebook post - 5 Points

Let your friends and colleagues know the secrets to digital marketing. Share one of our Facebook posts to start meaningful conversations online—and earn 5 points, too.

Like and share one of our posts on Facebook

Like and share our LinkedIn post - 5 Points

Share SEO insights with your colleagues. Explore our LinkedIn page for valuable posts you can share with your connections. You’ll earn 5 points for every post liked and shared. 

Like and share a Canty Digital post on LinkedIn

complete tasks and get rewards

Frequently asked questions

How do I let you know I finished a task?

Just email a proof to It can be a link to your Google review or a screenshot of your screen after clicking the “like” button on our Facebook page.

What can I do with the points I’ve collected?

Redeem points and unlock Canty Digital perks. The perks range from FREE SEO articles and social media posts to authority links and page optimisations for your monthly package.

Is there a cap on the points I get?

No. You can complete as many tasks as you want.

Do my points expire?

No. You can use your points anytime or keep on collecting them to unlock bigger perks.

Can you create a rewards page like this for our company?

Yes. We’d love to craft a similar page for your company. It’s time to reward your customers!

Let us build a rewards page for you, too.

Want to reward your deserving customers? Let us craft a rewards page for your website. Get in touch with us today. We’re always ready to help you connect better with your customers.

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