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Drive more foot traffic to your store and increase your sales with Google Maps Optimisation
google maps optimisation

What Is Google Maps Optimisation?

Google maps optimisation is also referred to as local search optimisation or part of your local SEO efforts. It is the process of enhancing your business’ position on Google map’s listing

This means that maps search optimization helps your business gain more visibility on Google’s search results, especially on mobile search, which is growing rapidly as more people use their phone’s GPS to locate physical locations of businesses. 

So, if your business ranks highly on Google maps, the better chances you have of acquiring more clients or customers than the companies that don’t appear on Google’s listing. 

You can treat the maps search optimization process as your ticket to getting more organic traffic to your website, driving more foot traffic to your physical location (if you have any), and eventually, more conversions or sales! 

Importance of Maps Optimisation to Your Business

Let’s dig deeper into how Google maps optimization is so vital to your business today, and why neglecting this process may cause you such a loss in the long run.

Boosts Your Local SEO Efforts

Depending on your niche, your local search engine optimisation efforts may include ranking for local keywords used by your target audience (e.g., vet clinics near me, coffee shops Melbourne, restaurants near me).

Some business owners include listing their local shops to different local directories, while this is such a good practice for local SEO, nothing beats Google maps optimisation because most directories, if not all, use Google maps on their websites and apps.

Helps Your Customers Connect to Your Business Better

Every listing, whether in a local directory or on Google maps, provides information about your business, especially the NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) and the operating hours. 

And since Google is the first go-to of most customers, especially mobile search users, it plays a vital role in making sure that your clients or customers can connect to you better because Google maps feature not only the NAP and operating hours, but also some useful factors, such as: 

  • Questions & Answers 
  • Photos
  • Ratings & Reviews 
  • Likes

Drives More Foot Traffic (and Organic Traffic)

Maps search optimization helps you with heaps of things, but the two most important factors are:

  • Letting your ideal clients and customers know that your business is only a few minutes away and that you’re ready to provide the services they need.
  • Letting people know that your business exists in the first place.

See, not every individual may show up on your physical location, but seeing your listing online will raise awareness about your brand, and provide more information to potential customers who may visit your website first, thereby driving organic traffic to your site.

Builds Your Credibility as a Business

Maps search optimization paves a way of ensuring that your potential clients and customers see your business or physical location as trustworthy and worth-paying-a-visit. 

The higher your business ranks on Google maps’ listing, the better chances you get on spreading brand awareness. 

The better ratings and reviews you get, the more people will be interested in visiting your website or local shop. 

The more accurate and organised information you put on your listings, the more credible you appear on any potential customer’s eyes. 

Benefits of Choosing Canty Digital as Your Maps Optimisation Experts

Our team of Google maps optimisation experts commit to making sure that your business gains more visibility online while ensuring that your brand is well-presented, and people are interested in clicking to your website, and most importantly, visiting your physical location. 

We commit to helping you increase your sales as we drive better organic traffic to your site and more foot traffic to your location. 

Besides knowing maps optimisation like the backs of our hands, we can also be your one-stop-shop when it comes to digital marketing – we also offer creative digital solutions, such as: 

  • Digital marketing strategies 
  • SEO and SEM 
  • Web development
  • Google AdWords 
  • Graphic Design 
  • Social media management and marketing 

So, book a call today and let us help you grow your traffic and keep the cash flow coming!